Thursday, July 16, 2009

Urging a vote for youth

July 16, 2009

One of the resolutions debated this afternoon in the House of Deputies, D066, asked that members of the Official Youth Presence, who now have seat and voice, but no vote, in the House, be given the right to vote with their deputations as lay deputies. This proposal would require a change in the Canons of General Convention.

Michael Sahdev from St. Benedict’s, Plantation, who is one of two Province IV representatives in the Official Youth Presence, spoke in favor of this resolution.

He said that giving youth a vote would “send a message to all the youth of the world…[that] we believe in our youth and we know they aren’t just the future of the church, but the church now.”

“I’m a full voting member on my parish’s vestry. I have voted at my diocesan convention the past two years, and I assure you it hasn’t hurt us a bit. In fact, I think having our youth vote adds a new perspective on what the church needs and is…”

“Please show us we belong in this church and let our voices be heard.”

Many deputies spoke in support of the resolution, but the decision was made to discharge it to the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons for further work.

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