Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009

This morning Bishop Frade and Bishop Thomas Shaw of Massachusetts were the bishops on the panel for the morning “media briefing.”

Our bishop spoke of having attended a hearing in support of resolution D038, which asks that the Episcopal Church allocate $3.5 million for implementation of “The Episcopal Church’s Strategic Vision for Reaching Latino/Hispanics.” He said that the resolution will plant churches and train clergy, both Latino/Hispanic and Anglo, for ministry to Latino/Hispanic communities. He said that this plan aims to insure that “Hispanics will be fully included in the life of the Church, the way we are.”

“We don’t want just the crumbs under the table—we want to be at the table.”

(The text of this resolution is at

Inevitably, some of the reporters wanted to ask Frade about the story from our diocese that has been most publicized in the past month—the reception of Fr. Alberto Cutié from the Roman Catholic Church. Frade acknowledged that this event has caused some tension in relations with the Roman Catholic archdiocese, but said, “I am glad when someone becomes an Episcopalian.”

Fr. Cutié has been here in Anaheim for a few days; he was invited by Fr. Juan Jiménez, who served for several years in our diocese, to preach at a service last night in his church, St. Michael’s, Anaheim.

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