Saturday, July 18, 2009

Convention concludes

The volunteer "Ubuntu Choir" sang with guest musicians at every Eucharist during General Convention. Dean Jennie Lou Reid (second from right) and her husband, dioceasan Vice-chancellor Ben Reid, were among the choristers.

July 17, 2009
The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church concluded this afternoon, somewhat ahead of the 6 p.m. scheduled closing, and having completed more legislation than any General Convention in recent memory.

Many who have participated in the convention have remarked that it was also a time characterized by the awareness of our interrelatedness with each other that reflected the theme of “Ubuntu”—“I in you and you in me.”

Bishop Jon Bruno of the host Diocese of Los Angeles called this “probably one of the least rancor-filled conventions I have been to.”

For reports on the work accomplished by the bishops and deputies, keep following the stories and at Episcopal Life Online.

For insights into the experience of being part of General Convention, there’s Char Vinik’s Diary of a Deputy and Dean Jennie Lou Reid’s “Priest’s Letter” at --or, for something completely different, haiku from General Convention. (Disclaimer: They’re written by your director of communications.)

In addition to our own photo gallery, which will be updated in the next few days with many additional photos, and the photos from the Media Hub, there’s an excellent gallery posted by Jim DeLa, director of communications for our neighboring Diocese of Southwest Florida.

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