Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the convention floor

July 16, 2009

Yesterday after the joint session of the House of Bishops with the House of Deputies to hear the presentation of the budget, there was a brief time when photographers were allowed on the convention floor.

Here’s Bishop Frade with our deputation. Left to right, front row: Archdeacon Bryan Hobbs, Char Vinik, Saulo Salvador (alternate), Bonnie Weaver, Dean Jennie Lou Reid (alternate), Dean Carol Barron, Tom O’Brien; left to right, back row: Dean Horace Ward, Richard Miller, Fr. Chip Stokes, Bishop Frade, Dean Bernie Pecaro (alternate), Michael Sahdev (Official Youth Presence).
There’s much legislative work to be done today and tomorrow. You can follow all of General Convention at Episcopal Life Online and the Media Hub (this resource takes time to download and may be difficult for some browsers—be patient).

Be sure to visit the Media Hub photo gallery and our diocesan photo gallery (which will be updated later today).

Char Vinik is also keeping us up to date with information, insights and photos on her Diary of a Deputy blog.

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