Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day At The Movies

Bishop Frade along with his wife and several other members of the clergy, were invited to  a screening of the upcoming movie, "The Conjuring". This event, which took place Thursday June 28, at the AMC theaters of the Dolphin Mall, was held to seek the community's reaction on a true event, and the perspective of the church on exorcism

Ten minutes before the movie started Bishop Frade gave the movie watchers and critics a comforting message that God is always with us, and ended with the humorous blessing of a Demon Protection Kit which was giving to everyone present.The contained holy water, a rosary and a prayer with St. Michael the archangel. 

After the movie the Bishop said "I will recommend to everyone who is going to watch the movie to bring with them pampers, because it scares us by reminding us that we are humans and this event as it happened to the Perron family can happened to any of us, that is why our best protection will always be God."

Check out some of the pics here

Writing by:
Adialyn Milien
Communications Intern 

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