Friday, January 4, 2013

The Bible Challenge


As you may know, last summer at the General Convention, a challenge was given to all Episcopalians--to read the Bible. I know this may sound insignificant, as most of us read on a daily basis; but how often do we really get the chance to study and really commit to this spiritual practice?

At our diocesan convention, we welcomed the Reverend Marek Zabriskie, the founder of The Bible Challenge. He and the team at The Center for Biblical Studies have developed a program that hopes to transform our lives in 365 days with this wonderful journey. According to Marek, "The Bible Challenge encourages participants to embark on a fantastic exchange of faith and spirit, and to engage with those Biblical stories that never seem to be read aloud in church." This a very exciting endeavor, and I hope that you will decide to join the diocese as we launch into this adventure.

As a diocese, I would like for us to join the challenge, if you have not already done so. Some parishes have already begun and would like to share their schedule. You will find everything you need to begin below. You may choose to take on the challenge individually, or with your parish. Materials are provided in English and Spanish. French is forthcoming.

Let's blog together , and let me know how you plan to rise to the The Bible Challenge.

May the God of peace be with you.

+Leo Frade
Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida





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