Friday, December 14, 2012

Having Faith

At St. Paul's in Delray Beach, while the Voices Out of Darkness event was going on, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew Chapter was making Faith Chests. The chests, as described by Canon Chip Stokes, is presented to children of the church who are baptized. "Baptism is the central milestone ministry of the Christian faith, so when a child is baptized at St. Paul's, we present him or her with a Faith Chest. We encourage family and friends of the baptized to fill the Faith Chest with the child's Baptismal Certificate and candle, children's bibles, bible stories, notes, and any items helping a child grow into the full stature of Christ," Canon Stokes explained. 

As a part of the church's association with the Minnesota-based organization, Vibrant Faith Ministries, St. Paul's observes a variety of 'milestone ministries,' one, of which, is the baptism. 

Canon Chip Stokes is the Rector at St. Paul's in Delray.

A few photos are featured here

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