Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 6

This afternoon our diocesan Youth Commission president, Nora Vinas, from Holy Cross, Miami, was one of two youth who made a presentation to the House of Deputies on behalf of the Official Youth Presence.  She spoke of how youth programs transform the lives of young people, and “quench my thirst” for deeper involvement in the church.

“Youth events have taught me to speak up,” she said—and speak up she did!

The youth received a standing ovation from the deputies, and House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson told them, “We value you beyond measure.”

Tomorrow Nora is scheduled to speak to the House of Bishops and the ECW Triennial.

This is the fourth consecutive General Convention at which a youth from Southeast Florida has spoken on behalf of youth and youth ministries to one or both of the houses; Nora follows in the footsteps of Erin Ferguson in 2003, David Pringle in 2006 and Michael Sahdev in 2009. She is the first young woman from our diocese to be chosen to represent Province IV and the Official Youth Presence in this way.

Her speech will be posted tomorrow afternoon after she has spoken to the bishops and the ECW.

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